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About our clinic

Oriental Japan Skin Clinic has newly opened in February 2020. It is based on the fundamentals
of scientifically proven and evidence-based medical treatments. And our clinic specializes in wide
variety of cosmetic procedures such as laser treatment, IV drip therapy and anti-aging treatment.
In addition, we also provide special treatments of severe acne, sensitive skin, male thin hair
(AGA), PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injection therapy and more. We tailor our clinical methods to
fit your needs, under the directorship of our Japanese specialist.

Our philosophy

“Patient safety is our first priority”
We are committed to providing high-quality clinical service that comply with international
standards. Also, the most important thing is to offer safe and trustable treatments for all the
patients. We therefore spend time to carefully customize the most optimal treatment plan for each
of our patients, making use of the latest and least invasive procedures available.

Message from our medical supervisor

Hello. I appreciate your visiting our website.
I am Dr. Hideaki Nonomura, Japanese representative doctor of this clinic. I am a board-certified
plastic surgeon in Japan and also specialize in anti-aging medicine, cosmetic dermatology and
laser surgery as well. Since October 2016, I have been living and working in Cambodia.
I believe that my comprehensive clinical experience, coupled with my dedication and
responsibility, will enable us to provide patients with the safest and best cosmetic services here.
So, we are really looking forward to seeing a lot of patients at our clinic. If there is anything we
can do, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you.

Our Doctors


Nationality: Japan
Specialty: Plastic surgery, Cosmetic dermatology, Laser surgery
Graduation: Kagawa University, school of medicine, Japan (2001)
Medical Licensure: Japanese medical license No.417805 (2001)
Special Board Certification:
(1) Specialist of Japan society of plastic and reconstructive surgery /No.27-07-1831
(2) Specialist of Japanese society of anti-aging medicine /No.2411
(3) Specialist of Japan society for laser surgery and medicine /No.031409002
(4) Specialist of Japan society for surgical wound care /No.20110184
(5) Japanese board certified surgeon in skin oncology /No.13-20614
(6) Board certified instructor of Japan society of plastic and reconstructive surgery

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